October 24, 2011 Minutes

West BellevueCommunity Club

  Initial Reconstitution Meeting

October 24, 2011

Unofficial Minutes

Attendee List:

Gretchen Dill, Dan Dill, Paul Taipale, Matt McBrady, Bob Sheehan, Kermit Anderson, Dana Syltebo Anderson, Joy Stewart, Paul Measel, Jane Measel , Scott East


A group of neighbors within the West Bellevue Area decided there was a need within the community to re-establish the neighborhood association.  Therefore, a group of prior board members and others from within the community meet to formulate a plan to notify the entire neighborhood and to address some current issues facing the community.

As a group it was decided that an interim board be in place to handle existing concerns that may need immediate response. Due to the fact that the last existing President of the board no longer lived within the community it was decided that Matt McBrady would fulfill the responsibilities of President of the Northwest Bellevue Community Club until the proper procedures as stipulated within the club’s bylaws for electing a new board could be established.  The Treasurer of the club would remain as Joyce Doland and Gretchen Dill would handle the duties of secretary during this interim period.

It was decided that we would hold a neighborhood meeting calling for a new board and to address any issues at the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club instead of the prior meeting location.  Our by-lays state that the neighborhood must have a minimum notification of 10 days of any meetings.  Gretchen will ask the BBGC for a room and the date will be set by October 26 with notification starting by October 28.  Notice would consist of reader boards at the main entrance points of the neighborhood and fliers at individual residences.  The fliers will include a listing of the current issues facing the neighborhood along with a statement concerning how board members are elected.

We then discussed the following issues since they were determined to have a direct impact on the neighborhood in the near future:

1. The updating of the neighborhood comprehensive plan by the City ofBellevue

2. GraceLutheranChurchand the Friends of Youth proposal to create a young adult homeless center on the Church property.

3. Zoning of 3 new homes on one lot and zoning problems in general.

4.  Bellevue Boys and Girls Club future plans

After much discussion it was decided that the most pressing issue was Issue #2.  We decided that the interim board would work with the VueCrest Community Board, Grace Lutheran Church and The Friends of Youth in addressing the concerns over having a 7 day a week 24 hours a day young adult homeless center situated within our neighborhood.  We hope to have the entire neighborhood aware of this situation within 2 weeks.

Another pressing matter at this point was updating the neighborhood’s directory of households.   Joy Stewart and Matt McBrady will spearhead this effort.  Gretchen Dill will investigate if the community still has a website and e-mail address.

It was determined that all further communications with the neighborhood will be addressed by Gretchen Dill so as to free up Matt McBrady in order for him to focus on the homeless youth shelter issue.

The meeting began at 7:30 pm.

The meeting ended at 10:30pm.

The meeting was held at 534  97th Ave NE, Bellevue,WA 98004

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