November 8, 2011 Minutes

West Bellevue Community Club

November  8  2011

The meeting was held at 7:30 pm at the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club.   Notification of the meeting was conducted by a door to door flyer campaign and by street sign placements throughout the community. A total of 54 residents attended the meeting that was conducted by Matt McBrady, temporary President, and Gretchen Dill, temporary Secretary.

First order of business was the election of a Board in order that the meeting could take place.   Elected by the participating residents were:

Matt McBrady – President

Dee Dee Fisher

Gretchen Dill – Secretary

Dan Dill

Joyce Doland  -Treasurer

Ken Hart

It was decided that an annual meeting would be held in the spring of 2012 to elect a new board; however for now the board would stand as stated above so that the pressing issue concerningGraceLutheranChurchand their potential affiliation with Friends of Youth could be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Discussion was held amongst all concerning Friends of Youth and their proposition to Grace Lutheran Church for a 15 year lease of the Education building for a 24 hour 7day a week operation of their Homeless Young Adult program.  A variety of questions were brought up by the residents with Matt and Gretchen answering them to the best of their ability. A ballot to vote on one’s position on this matter was distributed to all who attended. It was determined that 99% of those who attended where against Friends of Youth’s usage of the building.

Individuals then signed up for helping to go door to door throughout the community with a petition asking the Church to reconsider the matter knowing that the community was not in favor of such a commitment. It was felt that the Church is a member of the community and that such a project would adversely affect the entire community and not just the Church.

First the Board would create a Petition that would be a legally constructed document with the help of the many lawyers who attended the meeting.  Also the board would determine other avenues to pursue in order to stop this endeavor by Friends of Youth.

The meeting ended with the knowledge that the Board would notify those in attendance within the very near future of our course of actions to be taken.

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