November 14, 2011 Minutes

West Bellevue Community Club

November 14,  2011

Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at Gretchen and Dan Dill’s residence at 7 pm.

In attendance were the following:

Matt McBrady
Dee Dee Fischer
Dough Leigh
Scott East
Dan Dill
Gretchen Dill
Laurie Cansler
Mark Walters
Ken Hart
Chuck Doland

Discussion started with Matt updating all concerning his talks with the Church and the members associated with the Friends of Youth mission.

Mark Walters and Dee Dee Fischer then apprised us concerning their talks with a lawyer and their drafting of the petition that would be signed by the neighborhood residents.  Some talks over the legality of the entire project then ensued with no real resolution.  Gretchen Dill discussed her ongoing talks with the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club and it had been determined that they were also not in favor of having the Young Adult Homeless Shelter so close to their facility.  It was decided that Gretchen would have the President of the Boys and Girls Club write a letter supporting our position.

Unfortunately, it was then determined that somehow our issue with the Church had gone to the internet and that “meetings” with other neighborhoods in proximity to ours were being formed.  The older members of the group were surprised and somewhat disappointed.   It was determined that whatever was on the internet needed to be taken down immediately and that we would proceed as we originally had decided.  We would work with local businesses, petition the neighborhood, receive a letter from the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club, and receive a legal opinion on the usage of the land.

The meeting ended due to the time of night and everyone left with the intention of hearing from the lawyer that was hired by some of the residents in the near future and in receiving letters for the B&G Club along with local businesses supporting our position.

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