March 19, 2012 Meeting Minutes

West Bellevue Community Club

March 19,  2012

Meeting Minutes

The Board Meeting was held at 7:30 pm at the residence of Gretchen and Dan Dill at 534  97th Ave NE.  Those attending the meeting were the following:

 Matt McBrady – President
Gretchen Dill  – Secretary
Ken Hart – Board Member
Steve McConnell – Future Board Member
Mark Walters
Bob Sheehan – Past Board Member
Scott East – Past Board Member
Doug Leigh – Past Board Member
Chuck Doland – Past Board Member

Attached to the minutes is the Agenda for the meeting as proposed by the President, Matt.

There was much discussion concerning the by-laws of the club and it was determined that at the annual meeting new by-laws would be brought before the members attending. Although, the Club may be in violation of past by-laws, everyone felt that the Club had to continue its existence and that the measures we have been taking would be justified in the end.   It was decided that the annual meeting will be held sometime during the last weeks of May.

Those attending the meeting decided that Steve McConnell with help from Mark Walters will set-up a web-site and email address for the Club.  Any cost incurred would be paid by the Club.

Once the site is up and working, then Gretchen with the help of the City ofBellevuewill mail a notice to every property owner within the Club area to announce the annual meeting and to introduce the web site.  Gretchen will ask The Boys and Girls Club again for a meeting room.

Discussion concerning the permit process and the Bellevue Planning Commission ensued and it was determined that at the annual meeting committees be formed to keep the Club aware of any present and future problems.

The hour was getting late and the meeting ended with the hope that once the web-site was generated, everything would fall in line and the annual meeting would be a success.

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