The following is a list of West Bellevue Community Club committee positions.  If you are interested in becoming a member of a committee please e-mail  the Club at:

1.  Code and Land Use Compliance:  Review and monitor proposed and in-progress community land use activities that require compliance with the City of Bellevue comprehensive Plan.  This would include but not limited to compliance with:  Land Use Code,  Zoning or permitting regulations,  land clearing or construction standards,  and regulations relating to environmental protection, sylvan or historic preservation.

2.  Public Safety and Emergency Services:   Regularly confer with the City of Bellevue Police and Fire Department officials in order to facilitate their activities in the community.  To obtain their assistance in informing residents of current public safety and crime issues.  To inform the community of crime trends and prudent preparatory measures relating to crime prevention, fire protection, personal emergencies and natural disasters.

3.  Infrastructure and Utilities:  Maintain an inventory of community infrastructure needs such as:  pavement and sidewalks,  street lighting reliability and suitability,   storm drainage and flooding situations,  water and sanitary sewer problems,   utility ( electric, phone, cable) improvements,  desirable utility maintenance such as tree trimming.   Investigating the feasibility of future undergrounding of overhead utilities.  Establish an effective relationship with the utility companies and determine the community impact of long-range infrastructure plans. 

4.  Community Identity:  Stimulate and develop a community spirit and identity within the neighborhood.  Find individuals that are interested in becoming ” Street Captains”.   Promote a favorable public image of the community.  Determine if community identity signage is possible. 

5.  Social activities:  Plan and develop community social events, such as an annual summer block party,  art/craft events,  senior luncheon, park picnics or street dances.

6. Communication and Public Information:  develop a register of all community citizens.  Establish community-wide communications means for emergency communications.  Establish relationships with other Bellevue Community Clubs for mutual support and policy coordination.  Establish a cordial relationship with the City of Bellevue and media staff( TV and print).  Prepare and distribute information statements to community members and media with prior Board approval.



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