About the Club

The West Bellevue Community Club exists to serve YOU, resident home and condominium owners.

The Club is state chartered (1978) as YOUR official neighborhood civic voice in matters involving the City, county and state.  The club is non-partisan.

The Club’s mission is to protect and enhance the existing character of the West Bellevue area.  To protect and enhance the natural and man-made beauty that surrounds us.  To stimulate and ensure adequate planning to protect and enhance the residential atmosphere.  To ensure that all public and private activities are consistent with the short and long-term needs and objectives of resident-owners of  West Bellevue.

 The Club monitors City, public agency and commercial activities that may impact the neighborhood.  This includes but is not limited to the monitoring of:  1.  Permitting of multi-family construction projects.  2.  City park and recreational programs.  3. Traffic and Crime problems.  4.  Zoning  and Code compliance.     When issues become contentious, the Club representatives meet with City officials on behalf of the Community and , when appropriate, testify before the City Council.

Other typical activities of the Club include:  1.  Improve  neighborhood communications and interactive activities such as a yearly neighborhood party.  2.  Identify problems that are a neighborhood nuisance  ( fire or health hazard, drugs or criminal activity, illegal businesses within the community, noise problems, etc.)   and work with the City to rectify the problems.

The Club strives to inform residents, through periodic meetings and notices, of matters that may affect public safety or neighborhood well-being.



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